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twitch chat bot

The Twitch chatbot helps you get comments on the streams you open within the platform. In this way, you can show that your followers are active and that you are a heavily followed channel. So you can manage your channel better.

There are no conditions or limits to benefit from these services. Therefore, streamers can use it as they wish. ViewerKing’s experienced teams on social media offer you the best chat bot options. There are different packages to help each channel and meet its needs.

You can review them, then choose the most suitable one instantly. You can start seeing comments in your account in a short time as there is an instant delivery guarantee. Thanks to the Twitch chat bot, you can show your account more active, thus improving the natural statistics of your account. If you want to become popular in a short time, so you can achieve successful results.


ViewerKing provides a variety of services solely for Twitch. Our team has refined our processes to give perfect service on this platform. We are continually expanding our products to include additional platforms as well. If you have a request for a bot on another platform, our live support team is available to help.









live viewers


24 hours avg. viewers


7 day avg. viewers


all-time peak viewers

Pricing & Plan



15 Monthly
  • 25 Viewers
  • 25 Chat Bot
  • 250 Follower


25 Monthly
  • 50 Viewers
  • 50 Chat Bot
  • 500 Follower


45 Monthly
  • 100 Viewers
  • 100 Chat Bot
  • 1000 Follower


75 Monthly
  • 200 Viewers
  • 200 Chat Bot
  • 2000 Follower


150 Monthly
  • 500 Viewers
  • 500 Chat Bot
  • 5000 Follower


250 Monthly
  • 1000 Viewers
  • 1000 Chat Bot
  • 10000 Follower

What is Twitch Chatbot, and What are its Features?

Twitch chatbot is a special program that allows channels within the platform to receive comments when they broadcast live.

These services are available to every Twitch channel. Since there are no pre-conditions and conditions, it is possible to benefit from it without any problems.

Twitch chatbot is offered exclusively to each channel. Therefore, which interpretations are made and at what time intervals may vary. With the positive comments received, it is possible to show your audience that you have a fan base that loves you.

What Pros Does Twitch Chatbot Have?

Every Twitch viewer can leave a comment on the stream they watch. However, individuals are not subject to any restrictions in this regard. Even if it is a quality publication, there are those who do not comment, spam, criticize or leave negative comments.

Therefore, there is nothing the streamer can do about it. If comments like these have weight, they will make your channel look bad. Thus, your followers and viewers will also decrease over time.

If you are looking for a solution to this situation, you can take advantage of Twitch chatbot buy services. In this way, you can get as many positive comments as you want. Thus, you can ensure that positive opinions dominate.

If you want to show your viewers and your competitors that you are a popular channel and increase your statistics quickly, it is possible to find the solutions you are looking for in a short time thanks to the Twitch chatbot.

Who Can Use Twitch Chatbot?

There are no conditions for using Twitch chatbot services. Therefore, people can benefit from these solutions whenever they want.

If you are a new channel, you can show that you have successfully entered the platform with the comments you receive and that you are very popular. If you want to make your account stand out compared to your competitors, you can show that you are popular thanks to the comments you receive.


The Twitch chatbot offered to you by our platform allows you to receive comments for your newly opened streams. In this way, it is possible to show real viewers that your account is very active and that you are loved. Thus, you can both create a target audience and attract the attention of those who do not follow you.

Normal comments are never the way people want. These include negative opinions, spam, and people talking among themselves. Therefore, it causes bad promotion of both the channel and the broadcast.

However, thanks to the Twitch chatbot we offer you, it is possible to bring an end to this. Thanks to the permanent comments offered to you by ViewerKing, it is possible to improve your account in a short time.

Twitch offers everyone the opportunity to watch and comment on any broadcast. However, there is no limit to what kind of comments he can make. Therefore, even if you are original and high quality, it does not indicate that you will not have spam messages and negative comments.

However, this situation makes you think that both those who follow you and those who are new to the channel think that you are not a popular channel after a while and that you do not have a solid audience. This negatively affects the development of your account. Thus, over time, your followers may also unfollow.

Twitch chatbot offers you the best solutions in this sense. In this way, you can decide how users leave comments. With positive reviews, you can make people think they like you very much. Thus, you can attract the attention of both your followers and newcomers to your channel. If you examine the different packages offered to you by ViewerKing, you can instantly decide on the most suitable packages for you.

Comments left by normal users cannot be checked, no matter what streamers do. Because a viewer can send whatever they want by writing. Although the publisher has the option to remove them, it is quite difficult to deal with the post and view the comments at the same time.

Increasing new positive reviews of this helps both balance and make people think better of you. Thus, your account can develop faster thanks to the Twitch chatbot. In terms of features, the chat bot is quite advanced.

Because the owner of the channel can specify what kind of comments he wants. If you inform us about this, you can only help return those messages. However, if you do not want private, specific messages, ViewerKing can leave positive comments as standard. Whichever you prefer, it is possible to improve your account in a short time.

In addition, the frequency of the comments can be adjusted. Therefore, it is possible to receive the service exactly as you need it.

There are no conditions to take advantage of Twitch chatbot services. It can be easily and practically preferred by both new and old channels. ViewerKing offers you different packages in this sense. This is because it enables everyone to find a solution that suits their needs.

If you review the different packages and consider the current statistics of your account, you can decide which is the most suitable for you. All our solutions are professional and offer the best deals. After choosing among packages with different contents, it is enough to buy. For this, it is sufficient to provide the link of the relevant publication or video.

After that, ViewerKing will send your Twitch chatbot to your account shortly. It is enough for you to wait during the process. These services can be used unlimitedly by each channel owner. Therefore, it is possible to create a Twitch chatbot order again at any time after receiving it.

If you want the best results with Twitch Chatbot, you need to get a package that fits your account needs. The content of each package is different. This provides opportunities for everyone, from new channels to advanced accounts. However, if your channel is professional, a small package may not give you the difference you are looking for.

Therefore, if you examine the structure of your channel, you can find the most suitable solutions. Also, if you look at your competitors’ current statistics and the structure of their comments, you can plan accordingly.

Twitch Chatbot is made by ViewerKing through advanced technology and expert teams. For this reason, all security measures are taken by us. Thus, you can use it without any problems. ViewerKing, which has a strong infrastructure, helps you make all your shopping transactions fast. In addition, both the use of the site and the payment methods are reliable. So it is possible to take advantage of it without worry.

In addition to all these, ViewerKing does not ask you for your account password in any of its services, including Twitch Chatbot. Therefore, you can use these services completely safely.

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