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Twitch Bot List: Best Twitch Viewbots for 2023 Rankings!

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Twitch Bot List: Best Twitch Viewbots for 2023 Rankings!

Twitch is one of today’s most well-known live-streaming platforms today. The primary justification for this is that viewers can donate to the stations. As a result, there are consistently more channels available. You can launch as many bots as you like and, with the parameters you want, whenever you want, using the viewbotting on Twitch control center. Even as the stream continues, you can attract more spectators. You can launch your Twitch bot list or modify the chat’s topic.

View-botting is the practice of a streamer buying or hiring false viewers to increase their audience size. There are various methods for figuring out whether a channel is view-botting. In addition to checking the streamer’s social media accounts, you can keep an eye out for odd follower and viewer counts, the ratio of chats to views, bizarre, seemingly auto-generated messages, the streamer’s charisma and entertainment value, and unusual follower and viewer counts.

Advance Your Twitch Streaming Game

Without a question, the biggest video distribution network in the world is Twitch. Twitch has made a name for itself in the era of online broadcasters and content creators. It includes a wide range of other potent features, making it more than simply another video streaming service. It offers a mechanism for storing data, encoding video, internal tooling and systems, and much more.

It goes without saying that it provides client apps on a variety of platforms, such as console and mobile. The fact that over 30,000 people are streaming at once on Twitch is not shocking. On the website, the system has reached over 2 million concurrent video streams.

The live chat feature on Twitch is one of its most praised aspects. Users can communicate with one another while watching videos using this chat system. Twitch is growing on a daily basis in terms of innovation, architecture, and degree of organization.

The Top 3 Chatbots For Twitch Streaming To Make It Interactive

The Top 3 Chatbots For Twitch Streaming To Make It Interactive

Viewerking: Reliable Twitch bot list for your channel and is available for Twitch and YouTube. It enables real-time, moderated conversation automation for users. Since Twitch’s inception, it has been one of the top popular bots. It enables Twitch to devote more time amusing the viewers of your channel.

It contains a unique dashboard that provides insight into talks, the ability to modify settings as needed, and the option to keep chat records. This system is hosted in the cloud, which means there are no infrastructure or downloads to worry about. It is also feasible to provide viewers with dynamic responses to any frequently requested questions. The fact that Viewerking is a free Twitch bot hosted on the web is its strongest feature.



Viewerking is a top live-streaming platform that can be utilized on YouTube as well as Twitch. It controls chat and ensures that it is civil. As a result, you should not be concerned about how your broadcast is being used because the Twitch bot list will maintain its integrity.

You can put all of your attention into improving the engagement of your stream. Module, instructions, spam filters, and deadlines all come with this Twitch bot list. The bot is prepared to use once installed because it is already configured with 30 commands.

One of the most effective Twitch bot list that doesn’t need your input or attention is Viewerking, a moderator bot. With this well-liked chatbot, you may add any order you choose to the stream. It provides both fundamental features like spam filtering and more sophisticated ones like chat follower notifications. Additionally, this chatbot may request songs, run raffles and contests, and much more.


Viewerboss is a free contribution service with no further fees or levies. You may use this Twitch bot list to reward your viewers for sticking around your stream by awarding them points. Everything is achievable with this bot’s sophisticated commands. In order to make any notion a reality, it provides the ability of implementing custom commands.

This bot uses the cloud to power all of its data, and raffles and giveaway are both conceivable. Viewerboss can also be used for fun games, broadcaster chat, song requests, and other stuff. It is compatible with Twitch.

Viewerboss is a freeware Twitch bot list service that guarantees secure streaming. This bot controls, keeps an eye on, and safeguards video streaming. For viewers and online streamers, it provides a wide range of resources and opportunities. This chatbot and viewer bot comprises a bot that can scan conversations, provide subscription display notifications, follow users, and more.

To make streaming more enjoyable, Viewerboss’s features are upgraded frequently. They provide support to over 300,000 broadcasters and over 30,000 Twitch partners. Additionally, it provides customized keyboard shortcuts and real-time files for overlays.


It is a chatbot and viewer bot application created for platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, Mixers, and more. It brings a balance of restraint and amusement to your stream. One of the best and most popular bots for broadcasters is Twitchviewerbot.

The features it offers include a currency system, giveaways, dashboards, bets, events, and more. This bot’s features are all offered without cost at all times. Earlier, this Twitch bot list was referred to as the Twitchviewerbot. The Twitchviewerbot can be used to its full potential by following the many resources available.

Twitchviewerbot Features

Twitchviewerbot is an interactive Twitch bot list that is actively being developed and is open source. There are several contemporary features in this Java-powered Twitch bot. It offers moderating and entertaining for any reputation for providing. You may concentrate on improving your stream, your game, and your audience.

The Twitchviewerbot is unrestrictedly free. With changeable language settings and a reconfigurable language system, it is very customizable. To keep the conversation flowing, it provides a variety of raffles, games, and gambling opportunities. Additionally, there is a fireup settings tab.

With Twitchviewerbot, automatic chat moderation is simple and doable. It aids in the beginning of your streams. Because it was created by a member of the Twitch family, it integrates perfectly with Twitch.


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